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J. Axel - Like A Shadow
The shadow is an unlit place or a signal generated by a light projection image of a body, caused by himself. Shades in the summer of coolness and rest. In painting, a shadow gives the visual depth or result in the first space or just a perspective to an object. The second album by J. Axel explores the musical shadow in Tech House. The Swedish producer places lightweight objects in a glistening Cosmos of Sound and projects his shadows over the entire range of musical moods, emotions and landscapes. The clouds shadows flitting across the sea and protecting against the dazzling sun. Exactly out there, where our battered and sensitive everyday stressed souls were lost on a white beach at the Baltic Sea one afternoon in August. The album is a summery of meditation, which throws shadows itself by the full moon deep into the night. Right here, music has a function, is tangible, floods and warms our minds and bodies:. J.Axels new album is a masterful play of shadows. Available Formats: CD.
Various Artists - Backyard Files
True temples of peace could be find in many cities behind the facades of houses. Green idylls shielded from the bustling noise of the streets. Even a large town such as Plastic City has this shady backyards. Maybe something grows beside the music flow of the label sound, but this alternative vibe also represent several Plastic City artists. Terry Lee Brown Junior combed through the quiet courtyards of Plastic City and put together this new brilliant Complilation from this small pearls from the label archives. With sounds from The Timewriter, J. Axel, MSMS, Babak Shayan or Terry Lee Brown Junior himself, the Compilation is laidback, downtempo and chill and tears open the gate widely to the backyards of Plastic City! Available Formats: mp3.
Various Artists - Valencia Session
The next electronic City Guide takes us into the mediterranian spirit of Valencia, the so-called “city of flowers” (cuidad de las flores). Each compilation from the new "City Session" series shows us a place, that is known for its amazing beaches, sports, architecture, atmosphere and nightlife. In this episode, Plastic City has decided to take a look at the beautiful Spanish city of Valencia, compiled by Valencia native-born Oscar Barila. He is one of the best rising stars of the Spanish house and tech house scene. He has more than 50 releases on great labels worldwide. Oscar combines his gigs across Europe, with the hard work in the studio and the management of his label My Little Dog, where he publishes his own music alongside the music of great artists. His last projects in 2012 include the release of his first album “Parallel Minds” on the prestigious label Plastic City and EPs on top labels such as Kling Klong or Highway 420. On „Valencia Sessions“ he picked some stunning tracks from Artists like Nick Curly, Nima Gorji, DJ Yellow, Gorge, Nikola Gala and many more. Available Formats: mp3.
Various Artist - Terry`s Café 15
Terry's Café is uninterrupted for 15 years, one of the hallmarks of excellent house compilations. Worldwide fans eagerly awaiting the new edition each year against which selection has compiled Terry Lee Brown Junior for the new roasting his series. The compilation has become a collector\'s item. For even original packaging CD of the third edition of 2000 you have to invest almost EUR 900 today. At a time like in the debate about the low value of music, Terry\'s Café is an investment. No wonder, for the past 15 years places the Plastic City label along with Terry Lee Brown Junior emphasis on a symbiosis of design and quality, both musically and visually. The packaging design of the series is exemplary noble and beautiful. Terry\'s music selection and mix is ​​as always visionary for the genre. On the new Terry\'s Café are 14 tracks, including interwoven by Benn Finn, Britta Arnold, Alex Niggemann and UGLH a masterful DJ art. The Individual class of the selected artist combines Terry Lee Brown Junior here for 15 times in a unique athmosphärisches masterpiece. Available Formats: CD, mp3.
Zoë Xenia - Heartbeat
Generally the heartbeat of a woman is a little more intense than in men. You could hear that clearly on the debut album of Zoë Xenia. Zoë, hailing from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, started her music career as a singer and songwriter. Bitten by the House bug she began to produce and develop her own style of electronic music - a hybrid of rolling basses, chords and funk fuelled beats. Using her own voice but not only as a vocal she created her sounds just like an instrument itself. Using her soulful voice both as a lead vocal and as an instrument itself, she creates her unique atmospheric sound. Zoë Xenia performs both as a DJ and a Live electronic act for parties and festivals throughout Europe and around the world. Now she clelebrates her Albumdebut on Plastic City. Music with Heart(beat) and Soul and a remarkable voice, that you could know from other great productions like the re-release of BBE’s huge dance-hit “7 Days And One Week”. Available Formats: CD, mp3.
Terry's Café 14, mixed by Terry Lee Brown Junior
The 14th output from the compilation series Terry's Café! In Terry Lee Brown Junior's new mix is the modern life of tech-house. Terry's Café 14 breathes the elegant toasty aromas of fine beats and fine silky surfaces. The taste: stimulating yet mild and soft, flattering ear feeling. The Finish: spicy and entertaining. Terry Lee Brown Junior gathered his series on great productions of his contemporaries in a mix of world-renowned artists and newcomers and talents that have been talked about later. The album includes this time artists like Ruben De Ronde, Screw bus, Shlomi Aber, MRI and Danny Daze Oscar Barila. The choice is completely tastefully with a highly sensitive and accurate result in the "Mixkunst" listening class. Listen up and explore the pulsating intensity Terry creates in his mix when he combines cheeky basslines with vocals with flushing sound areas of mystic chords and catchy beats with subbasses blowing the lights off. Let him take you by the hand and one of the earliest artists from Plastic City will lead you through a wonderland of clear soundarrangements and pushing beats. Terry Lee Brown Junior is our man to rock the place. Available Formats: CD, mp3.
Dejan Milicevic - Just Keep Talking Girl
For so many years Dejan Milicevic has been on the scene, started DJing at the age of just fifteen and rolling for around seventeen years now. From the beginning a partner in crime with mr Marko Nastic pumping their own style throughout almost two decades. After winning lots of prizes in 1997 and 1998 everything started to happen. As a part of the KneeDeep family he played all the major events by now and also had the ex Yugoslavian region covered at the same time having every weekend full of new experiences. His music style is a mix of house and techno that has a flavor of a long and experienced career. Dejan is the co owner of Bordel Studios Belgrade and owner of Recon Light label. Last year was the year of the debut album release from this artist after more than 80 ep's in his music life , Trust and the Purpose (Gillesku Records) sold out all vinyl copies just in 5 days and made a great success. Next album is expected on Plastic City so be prepared for a beautiful ride coming from Bordel Studios kitchen. 10 tracks with Dejan Milicevic´s special flavor! Available Formats: CD, mp3.
MSMS - The Ride
The House and Tech-House project MSMS created in 2010, but the men behind the four letters are long-year members of the electronic music biz. One as a DJ playing House, DeepHouse and UK Garage at the time, the other one as high-quality music producer of mainly Techno, Club and Lounge/Downbeat (you might have come across some of his projects: Broombeck, Guardner, Rauschfaktor), electricizing clubbers as DJ or with his energetic live acts. Already friends for more than two decades, they teamed up to combine crystal-clear sound and production savvyness with housy beats and deep flavour in their tracks and to rock the clubs as DJ team or live. After releases on labels like Kittball, Takt or Plastic City (Fresh Frozen EP), they went about bringing their different styles together in one musical ride from Chill Out to deep house to tech house or nudisco to pop and finalizing their first album together, 'The Ride'. Sometimes slower and deeper, sometimes faster and more funky or with vocals but always with their trademark sound and soul: an album for everyone and every time. Take a ride! Available Formats: CD, mp3.
Plastic City Radio Show - Season Five, hosted by Lukas Greenberg
After four comes five and so it is with our successful compilation "Plastic City Radio Show". Season Five is in the wings, waiting to board the players at home. In the deepest depths of this, Lukas Greenberg mixed and compiled, the latest pearls of Plastic City and only exclusively for this CD produced tracks by Oscar Barila & Maiki, Junior Gee, Hardy Heller & Alex Connors, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Zoe Xenia, The Timewriter and many more. Since the summer of 2006 applies to Ibiza Sonica Radio 95.2 FM to Ibiza, Formentera and now has the WorldWiderWeb in the whole world. From the 13th August 2008 we launched the weekly transfer of Plastic City Radio Show on Ibiza Sonica. Presented by Contact Booking and TrackTracker, has developed this program become a permanent part of the Ibiza's radio landscape. Every Wednesday (22-23 Clock) and Saturday (21-21 Clock), Lukas Greenberg mix here the hottest and deepest tech house tunes of the island. And since January 2010, there is also this every Saturday (22-23h) on the German web radio "Sceen FM" to hear. Turn On. Tune in. And listen to the sound of Plastic City! Available Formats: CD, mp3.
Oscar Barila & Maiki - Parallel Minds
Here comes the release of the outstanding debut album from the duo Oscar Barila & Maiki. The label soon has been around for the best part of twenty years now, pushing quality house and techno from industry heavyweights and fresh talent alike. Albums from the likes of The Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Nikola Gala & Lukas Greenberg have shown the labels commitment to artist development and a dedication to electronic music long players. Now the label looks towards the debut album from the duo of Oscar Barila & Maiki, a pair who are set to become a major feature on dance music’s global stage. Oscar Barila hails from Valencia in Spain and has become one of the most notable producers to come out of the country in recent years. He has been behind over 40 releases for labels such as Kling Klong, Acker, Parquet & Plastic City to name just a few and has DJ’ed across the globe. His musical partner Maiki is from Milan, Italy and at the tender age of 21 has already achieved much with records released through the likes of Viva, Acker & Stranjjur and widespread A-list DJ support. Both artists began working together in 2011, saw a couple of well received collaborative singles released and got their heads down for the writing of this their debut album, the appropriately titled ‘Parallel Minds’. The album is a collection of 11 wonderful tracks that are rooted in the pair’s love of house music; from the jazzy musicality of title track ‘Parallel Minds’ to the uplifting vocal stylings of ‘Forgive the Drama’ and on to the groove led sounds of ‘Convexions’ there is rich variety yet cohesions throughout. Despite the wonderfully laidback closer ‘Dancing to the Moonlight’ this is very much a dancefloor-orientated album and a true reflection on where these two DJ/Producers are coming from. "Parallel Minds" is an insight into the sound of house music in 2012, with an occasional tip of the hat to what has gone before, enjoy. Available Formats: CD, mp3.
Plastic City Helvetia, mixed by Smalltown Collective
In 2009 Plastic City started a new compilation series to explore the European deep and tech house scene. Therefor DJ Miguel, the second part of the Smalltown Collective beside Remo, mixed the first episode called “Zurich Session” with Plastic City releases only. For the second Swiss part Miguel and Remo were asked to do the new mix together. Since the first release of the Smalltown Collective in 2008 on Malec Records especially the collaboration with Plastic City brought high international respect to the Smalltown Collective. You can find a lot of their tracks find on national and international compilations. Furthermore they teamed up with Get Physicals Lopazz and had releases out on Bacteria or Eyerers and Romboys Session Deluxe. And between the upcoming Dj gigs like at the Tresor Berlin there will be a Helvetia tour stop at club Supermarket Zurich. With their mix Miguel and Remo present an up-to-date profile of the latest Plastic City catalogue. The right mixture between deep and groovy, pop and undergound, strong and aromatic, dark and bright characterizes the mix. Strong and melodic arrangements dominate the plot while playful basses and dreamy vocals are coming around from time to time. Its pretty easy to lean back letting the mind fall into a very bloomy electronic world of fantasy and realism as well. The tracks of Terry Lee Brown Junior, Nikola Gala, Gütezeichen, Silt, Strict Border, Aki Bergen, Bucher & Kessidis or, of course, the Smalltown Collective are rotating around warm and pulsating club nights and nearly lost imaginations of inspiration. With this spring compilation Smalltown Collective are introducing spring and summer, only presenting the most fresh and refreshing tunes of the new season. Every track a little jewel, a pearl of creativity, modernism and sexyness. Here we have the right moods and emotions to take off in a time full of satisfaction. Available Formats: CD, mp3.
Lukas Greenberg - Essence Of Me
Plastic City looks towards the release of Lukas Greenberg’s latest artist album ‘Essence of Me’ featuring his genre defying mix of quality electronic music. Lukas Greenberg is definitely no newcomer to the electronic music scene. He started his career in the early nineties as a hip hop dj before shifting to house and techno to play at famous venues like Tresor, 90Grad and KitCat. He launched his own Synphon Records label in the early noughties but it is his work with the legendary Plastic City imprint during the last five that has really brought him to prominence. His previous artist albums ‘Rhode’Stories’ and ‘Prisoner with a Key’ were critically acclaimed and gave an insight into Greenberg’s broad musical tastes and expansive production repertoire. For his latest long player Lukas Greenberg draws on his rich musical history and delivers a diverse and engaging album that features hypnotic house, downtempo melodic gems, uplifting anthems and a cover of an R&B classic. The album opens and closes and with the seductive vocal tones of the appropriately named Cari Golden who delivers both an atmospheric intro and a diva house final opus. Greenberg’s interpretation of the Timmy Thomas classic ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ sees the original vocals and Hammond keys woven into an excellent floorfilling version. Other highlights include the Satie inspired title track ‘Essence of Life’ and the downbeat ‘Broken’ featuring the lyrical stylings of Idiophonic who has worked with Greenberg on previous albums. This may not be an album for purist house/techno fans but for anyone whose heart and ears are open to the rich variety of electronic music ‘Essence of Life’ is a great listen. Available Formats: CD, mp3.
J. Axel - Blinded
Jonathan Axelsson was born in Sweden, and got in touch with music very early in life since both his father and grandfather were musicians. His music was reaching out to the world under the name Ronin and in the year of 2001 he released a mini LP on Chris Grays label, Deep4Life in Chicago. Chris gave Jonathan his second artist name J. Axel, and he was now focusing on vocal deep-house, and he started working with the talanted vocalist Astrid Suryanto. He still produced instrumental Deep House as Ronin (for example in 2002 he made a release on the US label Driftwood). Since today, Jonathan has released on various labels like Deep4Life, Plastic City, Statra, Primary, Blacktown and contributed with music on many compilations as well as DJing in alot of clubs over the years. His releases and DJ-sets have always been criticaly acclaimd, and its now a fact that he will keep on delivering music with precence and luxury, which touches mind, body and soul. Available Format: mp3.
Hector vs Mikel - Mabing
Hector hails from Guadalajara, Mexico and began DJing at the age of 16 when he heard visiting European DJs play on their rare trips to his city. Inspired by the sounds of Carl Craig, Moodyman, the Timewriter & Terry Lee Brown Jr., Hector soon came to realize that his future lay in music. He began to dj in one of the best clubs in Mexico, Bar Americas, run by Ramon Gonzales who has since become one of Hector’s biggest supporters and a big influence on helping Hector get where he is today. After a strong start in his home country, Hector headed for England, fell in love with the capital’s music scene and has remained there ever since.Spinning in Ibiza, he befriended Simon Rigg, boss of Phonica Records (the nucleus of London’s house and techno community), and started a part-time job at the Soho store upon his return to London. 2010 is shaping up to be a big year for Hector: working closely with Pablo Cahn, Dyed Soundorom, Alex Picone, Anthea & Celler and Massimo Di Lena, he is focusing on his production and djing, With so many big projects in development, this is set to be the breakthrough year of Hector’s career. After a short musical abstinence beginning of the millennium he returned with a bang back in the picture? Along with the Circus Records imprint he made his own success in respect of national and international level. Now we could present both together on one release. Hector vs Mikel - Mabing is the first colaboration single release on the Mannheim based label Plastic City. Available Format: 12".
Terry Lee Brown Junior - Bohemian Life
After the first single release “Baltimore” of the latest Terry Lee Brown Junior album “Labyrinth” at the end of 2011 Plastic City and Terry Lee Brown Junior present the new remix package of the album track “Bohemian Life”. Beside a deep pulsating dub version of the track by Terry himself we can find remixes by Jacob Phono & Siinus and Milton Jackson on this hot and strong remix package. By the way: You can find the original on the album "Labyrinth". On his latest album, Terry Lee Brown Junior steps out in his labyrinth with eyes wide open. Searching for new ways to achieve his aims. The result is a very sensitive new album with all the love for music you can expect from Terry Lee Brown Junior. Available Formats: 12", mp3.
Aki Bergen - Black & Light EP
Aki Bergen is definitely one of the hottest and leading artists in the world of deep house, producing some of the most played records of the last view months. We can find his name in the first position of the Deep House Beatport charts for three times, and in the 1st position of Beatport general charts together with Doomwork with the smashing hit “Jazzy Stuff”. With his current album “Black & Light” which was released on Plastic City, Aki Bergen definitely breaks the barrier of electronic music. Tracks filled with rhythmic beats will for sure fascinate all listeners and rumble all dancefloors. And now he´s back with some nice, new remixes. "Club Rework Part 1" is a pumping remix of the album main track Black & Light. It has a new strong baseline and a straighter groove than the original version. The remix of "Fever" is a version with less vocals than the album version. On top their is a new version of "M.U.S.I.C.," which is a little bit harder than the original and is more for the minimal or techno sets. Available Formats: 12", mp3.
Franksen - Feel
Franksen goes way back in the history of Frankfurt's electronic scene. Hosting Germany's eldest radio DJ Show, today's YOU FM Clubnight, since more than ten years. As a DJ, producer and music journalist (for BEAT magazine) he claims his own style on an endless groove journey. Franksen appeared on Deep- and Techhouse labels from Suara or Dieb.Audio to Salted Music and more. Since 2009 he released a string of fine tracks with collabo partners, 2012 was his time to go solo. Franksen released on Stir 15, Audiothentica, Mainakustik, Amused Records, Kaato Music and many more since then. His Plastic City EP seals his established musical friendship with our label. Two originals spreading from lazy, dusty and percussive vibes together with studio partner Redux, to elegantly polished house in a slight garage fashion. Soulful & danceable, with remixes coming from beloved mastermind Terry Lee Brown Jr. (TLB) as well as established Plastic City artist Tom Bucher. Franksen, Redux - Busta Feel TLB featured ?Busta Feel? on the last Terry's Café edition. The percussive workout, the chords and mighty wailing bass make it a track that initially wraps around you like a warm blanket. A feel which is sooo right! Franksen, Redux - Busta Feel / Terry Lee Brown Jr. Mix Vibes king TLB transfers the laid back original to a more clubby realm. Making sure his trademark stamp of dubby chords and spaces can be heard and felt at any time of the night. Just choose ?' whenever! Franksen - Feel Baby Garage light, you might say. The slow and sexy groove appeals to those who love their Deephouse soulful. The vocals convey the message with loads of feeling. The perfect blend for starting a night full of vibes! Franksen - Feel Baby / Bucher Remix Tom Bucher of Tojami Sessions fame delivers a demandingly sweet tech-house interpretation in total Plastic City manner. Everything is atomized, overdubbed and yet straightened. Now feel this, baby! Available Format: mp3.
Derek Marin - I Am The Operator
A drummer turned techno producer Derek Marin has been playing with beats since he was 9. He has performed & collaborated with some of the biggest artists in electronic music world like Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode, Mr. C, Terry Francis, Carl Craig, Adam X & the Yeah Yeah Yeahs just for starters. Not to mention his list of works is reaching an uncountable number. Derek is best known for his productions on the Thoughtless Music, Swag's Surreal label and Plastic City as well as his many remixes of artists like Depeche Mode & Daft Punk. Marin also produces under the monikers Sideview, Platonik, Modest D & many others. In 2004, he established his own imprint, Faucet Music & is now doing A&R for the New York based techno label Subtrak. Available Format: mp3.
Junior Gee - Downtown Girl
Based on the South Coast of England Junior Gee has been involved in the House Music scene since 1996. Junior Gee has regular DJ appearances for respected events across the South Coast, such as High Tide, Real House, Science, Amplified Sessions, Full Circle, and Junk Club, have stood him in great stead for his future gigs in the Middle East and South America. In 2009 his career really began to take off with the release of a handful of EP’s on Killawatt Recordings, as well as taking up residency for the label across the globe and hosting the Podcast show. He was very busy in the studio in 2010 with releases on Cubism, Tokio Recordings, Endemic Digital, Evasive, Killawatt (UK) and Love Hertz (Germany). His “The Day Is Yellow” track featured on the Plastic City Radio Show: Season 3 mixed compilation by Gorge, with a follow up remix for The Timewriter. In 2011 he released his brilliant debut album "As Day Breaks" on Plastic City. After a small break, he comes back with new tracks on his brand new EP "Downtown Girl". Available Format: mp3.
S!LK - Warning
S!LK aka Alexander Fog was born in 1975. From the age of 5 Alexander began to break into music, thanks to the passion and love of music of his father. His first instrument was percussion and already you could tell then he had rhythm in his blood. After studying music with many teachers, such as "Duran and Paul Egly Montesi, at thirteen he began playing with local bands. At seventeen, bored with the usual scheme of things and fascinated electronic music, he founded a movement called "MOVE THE BOYZ" and started work as a PR taking his first steps towards becoming a professional DJ. At twenty-two, he was already the leader of the electronic movement called "WARRIOS" and also began to travel abroad (Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium) as a DJ of hardcore music. At twenty-seven years old when he returned to Italy, had to suspend his activities based on this new style led abroad, because the Italian clubs only supported House music. In the meantime continued to search for new sounds to progress his artistic maturity and after a few years began to play minimal techno. His sound was very popular in Germany, specially Düsseldorf. Given that most clubs opened only on weekends, he spent most of his time searching for new sounds and new melodies, those that are able to transport and to make each of us free. Under the influence of many German DJs. He has also always been fascinated by the scene in South America. As a owner of the two labels "TechnoMafia" and "DarkStar Records" he is now producing all kinds of House and Techno related music. Available Format: mp3.
Smalltown Collective - Feel Like That
"Smalltown Collective" is a music-project composed by three fancier of electronic music who occupy with DJing and producing since many years. The trio comes from East-Switzerland and their home is based in „Wil“, a small town near lake Constance. Alan Brljafa is growed up in the eighties influenced by Disco and Eurobeat. He devoted more and more the electronic music and purchased himself the first Roland equipment, soon follows an own studio. He already done a lot of remixes for well-known artists in croatia and released his first maxi-single together with Remo Mueller. The third part of the "smalltown collectice" team is DJ Miguel. He starts his musical career with 14 years in several bars and discotheques. Thanks to his constant development DJ Miguel managed to play himself to the top of the Swiss DJ scene and is wellknown in the top clubs from East to West-Switzerland. He is DJing regularly in clubs like Supermarket, Club-Q, Kaufleuten, Liquid, Bar Rouge or Pravda. But also he had the chance to express his talent on beautiful islands like Ibiza, Mykonos and Cyprus and also in the world famous Duplex Club in Prague and in many different places in the near region of Germany and Austria. As the owner of the event agencies "mig projects" and “smoove group” he’s constantly surprising the party people with new concepts, quality sounds and atmospheric ambients. Available Format: mp3.
Evren Furtuna - My Miracle Baby
Born and raised in Turkey, Evren Furtuna has grown largely familiar to the city of Istanbul and Ankara, playing from large clubs to small and exclusive parties. He understands that success requires versatility but also acknowledges the importance of preservation. The keen balance of versatility and preservation astoundingly differentiate him from others. His versatility can be seen anywhere from exposing music lovers to new and locally-unheard sounds to pushing himself creatively in the studio. On the other hand, the preservation he presents can be seen in his character - his passion for the music is something that will never change. The EP "My Miracle Baby" is the debut single from Evren Furtuna on Plastic City. Available Format: mp3.


Plastic City @ Google+
Google+ designed to interact with friends, artists and fans on the web like in real life. We can easily share infos, thoughts, links and photos with the appropriate circles together. Google+ integrates social services such as Google Profiles and Google Buzz, and introduces new services identified as Circles, Hangouts and Sparks. Google+ is available as a website and on mobile devices. The service was launched in summer 2011. A view weeks later, Google announced that Google+ had reached 10 million users just two weeks after the launch of a "limited" trial phase. After four weeks in operation, it had reached 25 million unique visitors and by the end of 2011 Google+ had 90 million users. So something is going on here! Because of Plastic City is also @ Google+, we would be happy to see you there as well... Please visit us: Plastic City @ Google+.

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year 2013!
Maybe you had an affecting and great year like us. We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and successful new year 2013. Also we want to say "thank you" to all of you for the support and the help and for the interest in our artists and music, to intergroove and digedo for the great distribution job, to our international partners for the great support and the strong partnership and specifically to our artists which provide us with great new tracks and songs. The current area will be known in the history of Plastic City as "Imagination Of The Shape". The future of the label is the past and present. Or the present is the future. It depends how you look at it. Plastic City has always meant development. We will stay true our policy of releasing but quality tracks which can be heard and played in years to come.

Tojami Sessions talks about "The Next Ten Years"
Tojami Sessions is a collaboration project of Tom Bucher, Michel Niepenberg and Jacek Darnowski and represents the diversity of house music. Michel and Jacek have been producing together since about 1992. As a duo, their first release was in 1997 on G.E.M. sub label Hey Babe!, followed by productions for Frankfurt's Raum...Musik using the pseudonym „Skiebäck“. Tom joined the crew in 1999 as a professional drum player - the Tojami Sessions trio was born and released on "In Between Entertainment", "Raum...Musik" and "Separe' Rec." until Steve Bug signed Tojami Sessions in the mid of 2001 for Dessous Recordings. 2010 Tojami Sessions will start their comeback – this time on Plastic City. With their new album “The Next Ten Years” Frankfurt based trio Tojami Sessions represent the latest house and tech house music at its best with a lot of references to classic house music. The project, consisting of Michel Niepenberg, Jacek Darnowski and Tom Bucher, was founded by Michel and Jacek in 1992. They always tried to combine all the characteristics of house music. With their releases on raum...musik, Separé, In Between Entertainment and Dessous and as well on Plastic City, they released in the beginning of 2010 the digital EP “Jazzbox” and the digital release “Backup” in spring, they proved their instinct for pure and intelligent tracks. Link: Tojami Sessions talks about "The Next Ten Years".

Free Download: Junior Gee - People
Based on the South Coast of England Junior Gee has been involved in the House Music scene since 1996. Regular DJ appearances for respected events across the South Coast, such as High Tide, Real House, Science, Amplified Sessions, Full Circle, and Junk Club, have stood him in great stead for his future gigs in the Middle East and South America. In 2009 his career really began to take off with the release of a handful of EP's on Killawatt Recordings, as well as taking up residency for the label across the globe and hosting the Podcast show. Junior was very busy in the studio in 2010 with releases on Cubism, Tokio Recordings, Endemic Digital, Evasive, Killawatt (UK) and Love Hertz (Germany). His "The Day Is Yellow" track featured on the Plastic City Radio Show: Season 3 mixed compilation by Gorge, with a follow up remix for The Timewriter on the Mannheim label. 2010 finished with Junior mixing the Welcome To Plastic City 2495 compilation, which featured tracks from artists like Terry Lee Brown Junior, Greg Parker, The Timewriter, Daniel Dubb and Aki Bergen amongst others. Early 2011 will see him take the reins of Killawatt Recordings and his debut "Southside Hustle EP" will be released on Plastic City with his artist album to follow later in the spring. And here we are: Eleven stomping deep and techhouse tunes will be release this month. Juniors new album "As Day Breaks" is a new stepstone in his amazing career. If you would like to get a first impression of the sound of the album from Junior Gee, please just listen or download the track "People". Free Download Link: People.

Video: Bucher & Kessidis - Live On
In 1993 a good friend of Tom Bucher sparked his interest in electronic music. Tom began with DJ performances, playing Techno & Trance. Later on, he also played House, which is still his favorite style of music. In 1999 he started to produce electronic music with two friends. In 1999, they released there first vinyl under the project name „Tojami Sessions“ on the label “In Between Entertaiment“, followed by releases for „Separe“, „Raum …Musik“ and „Dessous Rec.“ Christos Kessidis fell in love with electronic music in the mid 90´s and was especially amazed with the New York Deep-House sound. He started to concentrate on his skills as a DJ in a young age. Through the years he established his own sound and style. His DJ sets always varied. This is especially true for his energetic and emotionally sets that manage to get everybody in the perfect mood. He has released tracks on labels like Exun Records, 8 Bit and Aenaria Music. Tom Bucher and Christos Kessidis met and started working together in the spring of 2006 and immediately started a prolific partnership based on their shared music styles (which fuse elements of Chicago House, Disco, 80's Soul, Jazz-Funk and Detroit- Techno) and their common experiences with the DJ circuit. With their first mutual album "Live On", including the pre-released singles “Time“ and “Fate“, the team proves its ability to arrange and produce deep Tech-House tracks hitting the zeitgeist absolutely. Video: Bucher & Kessidis - Live On.

Free Download: Fabien Kamb - Downtown
Surely enough, the list of record labels wishing to have Fabien on board, and the number of other artists wishing to have him remix one of their tracks is constantly growing. Born in Yerevan, Armenia - Garry Mkrtchyan is the man acting as DJ, musician and producer under the stage name Fabien Kamb. Making his first musical steps back in the 90's, while being totally blown away with the ever-growing electronic sounds, Garry made his initial attemps in starting a career as a producer as he started to research sound production and engineering. Since then, he has established himself to produce electronic music covering a wide range of genres like Ambient / IDM / Dru'n'Bass, while simultaneously experimenting with various sounds. The music of Fabien Kamb is a pure reflection of the whole spectrum of his musical researches and sound engineering experiments, which at this point are mostly concentrated at tech- and deep house and are reflected in his album which was released on Plastic City end of september 2011 in cooperation with Low Flow Records from Armenia. His everlasting curiosity and his ability to melt the vibes of the clubs into his tracks have made way for his album "Origin" and it's 11 ecstatic tunes that cut right to the chase - both from the angle of musicality and sound engineering. If you would like to get a first impression of the sound of the album from Fabien Kamb, please just listen or download the track "Downtown". Free Download Link: Downtown.

Weekly Plastic City Radio Show
Radio Ibiza Sonica is broadcasting since summer 2006 on 95.2 FM to Ibiza and Formentera and across the world from its But the ambitions of Sonica's team extend far beyond broadcasting. Radio Ibiza Sonica - Cultura Sonica is also an cultural association of differents artists, musicians, djs and producers from Ibiza/Spain and from all around the world - all involved in clubbing culture and new musical tendencies. On 13th of August 2008 we started the weekly "Plastic City Radio Show" on Radio Ibiza Sonica, presented by Contact Booking and TrackTracker. Every Wednesday (10 - 11 pm) and Saturday (9 - 10 pm) Lukas Greenberg or another Plastic City artists plays the deepest and hottest Tech-House tunes on the island. Between November 2008 and December 2009 you also had the chance to listen to the Plastic City Radio Show on "We Love House FM". Since January 2010 you can now also listen to the "Plastic City Radio Show" every Saturday (10 - 11 pm Central European Time) on the German based web radio station "Sceen FM". Furthermore you can listen to the show every Friday (10 - 11 am Central Standard Time) at "Proton Radio" (US), since October 2010 every Thursday (10 - 11 pm Central European Time) at "Radio Klub" from France and since November 2010 every Thursday (9 - 10 pm Central European Time +2) at "16BitFM" from Russia. For playlists and more information: "Plastic City Radio Show". Turn on the radio!

Plastic City. Revised
When the inventors of Plastic Plastic Citys sub-label "Play“ looked back, they realised, that the imprint has just reached the mark of the 100 releases! Time for them to come up with something special. A wealth of beautiful and amazing remixes were released here in recent years on various singles. Almost all of them found their place on playlists known compilations or DJ's, but as always, some of the tracks doesn´t come into the right spotlight, as they deserve. So the team selected the best remixes from the last few years to present a nice overview of remix works. It does not matter whether the Swayzack remix of Terry Lee Brown Junior's "Across the Ocean," the playful Greenskeeper remix of Soda Inc's "Full Moon", the dreamy DJ Yellow remix of Nacho Marcos "Estefania" or the funky Terry Lee Brown Junior version of Gui Boratto's "It's Majik" - the very special high-quality sound from Plastic City and its artists is really obvious remarkable. Don´t you think so? Available formats: CD, mp3.

Follow plastic_city on TwitterPlastic City @ Twitter
Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length which are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them (known as followers). Users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, Short Message Service (SMS) or applications such as Tweetie, Twitterrific, Twitterfon, TweetDeck and feedalizr. The service is free to use over the Internet, but using SMS may incur phone service provider fees. Follow us @ Twitter: Plastic City

Special Plastic City History mp3 releases:
plaxx01-8 Future Funk - Switch Lock
plaxx02-8 Rozzo - Into Your Heart (Mixes)
plaxx03-8 The Timewriter - The Forgotten Songs
plaxx04-8 G-Pal - New York
plaxx05-8 AWeX - It´s Our Future (Mixes)
plaxx06-8 ATOM - Love To Heart (Too Hot)
plaxx07-8 Marshall Jefferson vs. Noosa Heads - Mushrooms
plaxx08-8 Watchman - Cut The Midrange
plaxx09-8 The Timewriter - Dr. Goodtime
plaxx10-8 G-Pal - The Passion
plaxx11-8 Terry Lee Brown Junior - Skylark
plaxx12-8 Gui Boratto - Royal House
plaxx13-8 Phunk Diggaz - Whispers
plaxx14-8 Sunkiss (aka David Alvarado & Kenneth Graham) - Reach
plaxx15-8 Skool Phunk - Pulse
plaxx16-8 Crossfire - The Dream
plaxx17-8 Rozzo - See The Way
plaxx18-8 P-Nut - High On Plastic
plaxx19-8 ADNY presents Leiva - The Future Is Now
plaxx20-8 G-Pal - Morning Lights
plaxx21-8 Kriss Dior - KD:Machinery
plaxx22-8 Marshall Jefferson vs. Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Remixes)
plaxx23-8 DKMA presents Andrastea - Comin' On
plaxx24-8 ATOM - Strikes-3 (incl. Ken Ishii Remix)
plaxx25-8 E.B.E. - Yesterday
plaxx26-8 The Kelly Project - Drifting
plaxx27-8 Soda Inc. - Night Fever
plaxx28-8 Pathfinders - Running Tolls
plaxx29-8 Terry Lee Brown Junior - Bad House Music

mp3 downloads available at
Finally, the mp3-format is fifteen years old! The Fraunhofer Institute invented this phenomenon twelve years ago when they devised the audio compression codec that remains the most user friendly of online music formats that's taken the world by storm. From now on, you can download our catalogue (twelve years late!), kicking off with a selection of goodies on Plastic City. A lot of these tracks are deleted on vinyl so this way you can purchase cutz that are no longer available on 12" format. To go to the Plastic City mp3s at, please click here.

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